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Services Offered

In the realm of the services I provide, it transcends beyond mere blowouts, stylish cuts, or conventional hair treatments. My passion lies in the artistry of how color seamlessly intertwines with the strands. From delicately hand-painted highlights to the incorporation of extensions for an extra burst of color or volume, I specialize in crafting the hair look you've always envisioned. When you sit in my chair, I encourage you to bring forth inspiration through pictures, allowing us to collaboratively curate a customized style that encapsulates the elements you adore. Your satisfaction is not just a goal but a personalized journey towards achieving the hair aesthetics you desire.


By elevating your salon experience with me, I offer a complimentary steam towel and scalp massage with each service, providing a touch of relaxation to every visit. For those seeking an extra layer of indulgence, consider quick enhancements like one of our Brow Packages, a Steamed Mini-Facial using Farmhouse Fresh Products, or a Steamed Hair Facial Refresher. These additions, taking minimal time, and promise to elevate your experience, leaving you feeling pampered and looking fabulous.

Brow Lamination Package

Transform your brows, taming unruly hairs, setting them in place.  This all-inclusive experience includes expert brow waxing, ensuring a flawless shape that accentuates your natural beauty

Brow Package

This is the dynamic duo of tinting and a precise brow waxxing.  Unveil perfectly shaped and defined brows that highlight your features with a touch of customized color.


Steamed Hair Facial

Indulge in our customized hair treatment, infusing your hair with essential nutrients for unparalleled health and vitality.

Steamed Mini Facial

Revitialize your skin with a hydrating oasis that leaves you with a radiant & healthy glow, making self-care effortless.

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